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All those years as an actor and collaborator at La Fura I experienced, learnt and enjoyed La Fura's DNA

in many of its creations and performances.

As a director, I took with me the essence of such unique theatrical language as an endless source

to nurture my present creations.



Naumon. Tetralogía anfibia: Naumaquia y Matria
F@ust 3.0
Fausto 5.0
D.Q. Don Quijote en Barcelona

Órgano de Luz was presented at the 2008 Mérida Theatre Festival and encompasses all the elements of Younes Bachir's career inside the Fura del Baus company: the artistic challenge, risk, creativity and spectacularity, so representative of the company. Younes Bachir, lead actor, is also assistant director,  director of actors and co-author in this show directed by Carlus Padrissa.

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