Andante Method, led by Belgian artist Younes Bachir, stems from Bachir's fourteen years experience of working with the Spanish company La Fura dels Baus combined with his knowledge of text drama and film actor.  Bachir has created a method that is a successful transference of those theatrical skills to international performance makers - which is the workshop labelled Andante .

Bachir has given workshops in: Genova, La Habana, Brusel, Menorca, Barcelona, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney...)



1) Body: the artists will confront their own physical condition and the body will become an individual and choral instrument simultaneously. In doing so, it will turn into a choral work and the actors will become sensitive to their non-prominence and non-individuality at the time of creation and at the time of performance.

2) Transgression of Space: the artist has to take hold of a big, new space lacking any stage; and being exposed on 360 degrees to an audience that shares his same vital space.

3 ) Vertical and aerial work will provide a cubic dimension to Total Language.

4) Time: experiencing the artist’s own timing universe, which surrounds and defines both body and space, so an additional language can emerge.

5) Humanography: the artist and the “object” as a unit; each artist will create his own world, his own scenography through primary materials: mud, fire, pigments and industrial materials





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