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Toorak Times Melbourne


Confined Chamber Opera

Orfeo / Naumon


El Pais



 Fablice´s Song / KaBoom

¨And come to a head in the extraordinary sequence involving shadow play and acrobatics directed by Younes Bachir. The experience of Fablice, a child soldier in Burundi, has been abstracted without losing any of the emotional immediacy, providing a moment of genuine theatricality that also hits us in the solar plexus ¨
                                                                                                                          TimeOut Melbourne

Confined Chamber Opera

¨Confined fuses physical theatre, multimedia installation and opera to evoke the distressing dystopia of psychosis...Confined is an intimate and immersive foray into the depths of the troubled mind. ¨


                                                                                                       RealTime Arts Magazine, Australia



¨The imagery is apocalyptic, the performers intense, edgy and focused...¨ 


                                                                                                   Sarah Miller, RealTime Arts Magazine


¨It’s pure spectacle and music in Aristotle’s terms; with characters as primal archetypes

 in mimesis, the barest of narrative as a visual catharsis...¨


                                                                                                            James Waites, 5TH WAll Review